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IPL Laser Epilator Permanent Hair Removal Machine LCD for Women

IPL Laser Epilator Permanent Hair Removal Machine LCD for Women

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1. Gentle touch, does not hurt the skin.
2. Upgraded 999999 effective flashes, real visible 999999 flashes, full-body hair removal without trouble, long-lasting, can be used for hair removal of 40 people, and single body hair removal without worrying about the life of the hair removal instrument.
3. Five security settings: five levels of light intensity adjustment, suitable for different skin tones. Can be adjusted according to different parts, so that multiple parts of the body can be easily applied.
4. Adopt international advanced photonic beauty lPL technology, adopt one-piece filter durable quartz material, integrated filter ultraviolet rays, directly to the hair follicle.
5. 4 square centimeters light-emitting area, large area hair removal, flexible operation, adapt to all parts of the body.
6. There are two modes of manual/continuous light extraction, and the hair removal mode can be freely selected for different areas. The automatic mode is suitable for large area hair removals, such as thigh arms and other parts. Flash hair removal mode is suitable for lips, underarms, face, bikini, etc.
7. The hair removal effect is the same as that of the beauty salon. It is convenient and hygienic at home, and you can enjoy the fun of hair removal.
8. A + quartz lamp cap is more durable than an ordinary glass tube, more comfortable for hair removal, safe and secure, painless, and long-lasting hair removal, suitable for the whole body.
9. Hair removal + skin rejuvenation combined effect: IPL light not only effectively removes facial hair, but also promotes cell regeneration, reshapes pore texture, restores skin elasticity, and makes skin smoother and younger.

Light source technology: pulsed light
Lamp: A + quartz tube
Irradiation life: 999999 times
Irradiation area: 4 square centimeters
Energy gear: 5 gears adjustable
How to use: Connect to the power supply
Working temperature: 5 ℃ -30 ℃
Adapter specifications: input AC100-240V, output DC 12V 3V

Package Content:
1 * IPL Hair Removal Apparatus
1 * Power adapter
1 * Manual 

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